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Towards Making Trustworthy Machines

SANNO MFG Co., Ltd., founded in 1947, has manufactured numerous Metal Processing Machines and General Industrial Machines at the excellent support from customers, partners and various individuals under the banners of "TECHNOLOGY & TRUST".

Our manufacturing of Slitting Lines started at beginning of 1955 was the earliest in Japan and we are still enjoyed good reputation of our slitting lines for more than 60 years based on our continued technical developing efforts. We have now supplied more than 600 lines to the customers not only in Japan but also in various overseas countries.

Because of our technical feature, our slitting lines are specially designed to fit the Silicon steel processing and major shares of have been taken among the appointed Steel Centers by NSSC as well as other major Steel Centers.

In recent days , our slitting lines are used for high grade, high quality, functional steel such as surface treated steels, special alloy steel, non-ferrous thinner sheet, ultra-thin steels, and are also used for processing stainless steels, aluminum, coppers and so on. We are enjoying good reputation from many customers in above various fields.

In order to meet the market-needs towards more precious and automatic metal processing, we have installed a slitting line at our Isehara factory for our study, by which line customers can process the materials actually and we can research for further development of our slitting lines, so that we can introduce the result to our customers.

Our aim is "Make trustworthy machine and bring the happiness to our users."

Please support SANNO TEKKO for fulfilling the above aim.


MD type - Roll Tension   



お得意様各位のお陰をもちまして、当社のスリッターラインは国内・国外において高い評価をいただき、600ライン以上を多数ご採用 いただいております。



弊社では伊勢原工場に研究用スリッターラインを設置し、お客様にも実際に加工していただき、ご指摘をいただきながら、研究改良を続け、安心してお買い求め いただけるように努力しております。

私どもの目標は、皆様に喜ばれる”信頼される機械”を作ることです。目標は高く”世界のトップ”の技術をめざし頑張っておりますので 、何卒今後とも変わらぬご指導とご支援をお願い申し上げます。


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